Words from the Chair and Associate Professor

Creativity, practice and experiences in the Department of Radio and TV will make your dream come true!

Have you ever envied the ‘idea king’ We-Chong Wang? Or have you ever imagined yourself to be another Chun-Hua Shen, the famous anchor? As long as you believe “There is no limit to your efforts of trying and there is no border to your dreams”, nothing is impossible in this world.

The Department of Radio and TV was founded in 1999 with the purpose to cultivate excellent professionals for radio and TV industries. We are pleased to introduce our students to the thinking of integrated mass communication. First, we have prepared an outstanding teaching staff. Second, we have enriched all education resources in our department.

In addition to foundational curriculum in the first and second years, special modules on content production and marketing in radio and TV field are included in the third and fourth years.

We welcome you to the Department of Radio and TV! Join us, and you will be one step closer to your dream.

Chair and Associate Professor