Brief History

Established in 1999, the School of Communication of Ming Chuan University is composed of four departments: Journalism, Advertising and Strategic Marketing, Radio and TV, and New Media and Communication Administration.

Setting it apart from other schools in the country, the School of Communication of MCU has a digital multimedia platform (Media news On Line: MOL), which consists of Internet e-paper, radio station, television station, and e-book. In addition, the School produces Media News (a three-day interval newspaper), broadcasting station (FM88.3), the Integrated Marketing Communication Center, and the Information Communication Research Center. With these abundant resources, the School has trained numerous professionals in both practical and theoretical aspects in the fields of journalism, radio, television, advertising, public relations, marketing, Internet media, media management, and communication research.

The curriculum of the School’s undergraduate departments has a course specialization orientation to train professionals for industrial, government, and academic circles. Students’ majors are not allocated until the third year to allow students arrange their professional courses according to their personal interests and create individual specialties. Those enrolled in the master’s program in New Media and Communication Administration engage in theory and practice-based education combining cross-disciplinary research.